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Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 9
Why print?
Most media is written and read by robots

Dissatisfied but happy
Interview with Simon Tretter, cofounder of the Austrian job-hunt app Hokify

Black Velvet
This photo series is a poem about two sisters locked in a golden cave

Invisible Women
Go save the world, I just stay here breastfeeding

Move, but don't move the way fear makes you move

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 8
Following the Sun
Sport frees you up, and the freedom makes you happy. "Flow" is not only for athletes though.

Little Selfish Gene
The little green men may live inside you

“I’m a shit-diver”
A job alone won't make you happy: not everyone can work with baby pandas.

The birth of the clueless
Do you know what I'm going to do tonight? Cry myself to sleep.

The Autumn Playlist 2016
Set the mood with Brothers Moving, Hahadrom & more!

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 7
Drummer Dreams
Stefan from the band "We Walk Walls" about the long journey to making music

One system, many options
Alexander Lorenz about the importance of creativity and triangles

The bee that liked surf wax
Colin's short story will make you want to grab a surfboard and hit the waves

AI might actually kill us all
Not the way you think though

Does it make you horny?
Searching for the Rubber King

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 6
Ready to Binner-Party
Tobi from the Real Junk Food Project about food waste and how the movement is picking up steam

All the way
Dreaming about a better world with Manuel Gruber, founder of Dreama TV

Blue Hour
Photographer Lukas visited Lofoten in Norway, and brought excellent photographs back

Thirst for power
So Rad's Colin about how surfing dies while turning into a business

The Spring Playlist 2016

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 5
Mostly doodles
"Art is either a challenge or it's nothing": interview with illustrator Sonny Ross

There is no mountain high enough
Laura on photography, art, and the American dream from Prague

Love grows slow
Marlene's grandparents share their secret to ever lasting love

The Christmas Playlist 2015

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 4
Dying from drinking water
Toxic water is a reality in Third World countries, but a Viennese startup is trying to change this

Playing with the Ring of Fire
Painted light brings Sydney’s Sculptures-by-the-Sea alive

All land on Earth is already claimed
Seasteading Institute wants to build floating cities and use them to test out new government ideas

Rapid sightseeing in: Antwerp
Is it worth leaving the train station with only one hour to kill?

The Autumn Playlist 2015

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 3
Windsurfers’ dream town: Vasiliki
A gift from the Greek God of Wind, Aeolus

Rapid sightseeing in: Prague
Is it worth leaving the train station with only one hour to kill?

Nothing Stops Detroit
Chris visits Motor City: can it be as bad as people say?

The Summer Playlist 2015

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 2
Heaven & Hell in Bali
The lush island from the Bounty advert is very, very lush

Rapid sightseeing in: Amsterdam
Is it worth leaving the train station with only one hour to kill?

Simple table manners
The dinner table you can’t just leave

Even better than cool
What does a surf instructor do - when he can't be a surf instructor any longer?

More bubbles, less troubles
Building a sustainable business by pursuing your childhood passion

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 10
Diversity is strength
Taqanu's Balázs Némethi about big dreams and building a bank to help people

A Walk
"Life is beautiful, get over it" - Colin about living up in the mountains

Music for your soul
Conversation with singer-songwriter Maria Thornton

Where is Bori’s kuki?
Children are way smarter than you would think

Autumn Butterflies
"This spring I'll fall in love with someone"

Yakuzuzu Magazine Issue 1
Education should be about passion
Interview with Ramiro Murguia, the founder of Latinomics

This is chess, and this is boxing
Quest to find the smartest tough man alive

Your home, on the water
Organic architecture by Robert Harvey Oshatz

Hacking the Airbnb lifestyle
Camila and Paulo about opportunity, life and balance

The Winter Playlist 2014