Issue 1

Simple table manners The dinner table you can’t just leave

Play after lunch is a thing from the past: Dutch designer Marleen Jansen invented a table where you can play while eating.

This seesaw table will also teach you about table manners. Developed for Marleen’s dissertation project ‘Being Forced Voluntarily’, the courtesy table is the answer to the question: how to prevent people from walking away from the table whilst having dinner? If one leaves the table, the other diner ends up on the floor.


While it’s not exactly built for comfort, you will definitely find out who your real friends are. Not to mention another positive side effect: you will end up burning some calories right while consuming them.

Tafelwip Marleen Jansen9

Marleen Jansen is designing every day objects using traditional skills and handcraft connections, combined with straight lines and an eye for detail. Partly due to her education at the School of Arts in St. Joost in Breda, she has a modern approach which results in fresh designs.

Marleen Jansen:
Photography: Wim de Leeuw