Issue 1

Dissatisfied but happy Interview with Simon Tretter, cofounder of the Austrian job-hunt app Hokify

“I never want to be both satisfied and happy, because I know that would be the point where I wouldn’t want to change anything any longer.”, says Simon when we meet for a coffee and talk about his business and other important questions of life.

During their studies Simon Tretter and his friends Daniel Laiminger and Karl Edlbauer realised that there is a real market opportunity in searching jobs on mobile, and founded jobswipr in 2015. It’s a simple plattform for online job applications that works a little like Tinder, the famous dating app. After spreading the word about their idea on several startup events and pitching their project on the start-up investment show called „2 minutes 2 millions“, they finally raised 1 million euro in investment. In Febuary 2016 they renamed the product Hokify.


“We had a chat and a few glasses of red wine in the Jonas Reindl Cafeteria in Vienna”, starts to explain Simon about how the idea was actually born. “My friends Daniel and Karl and I were discussing the troublesome job application process after finishing university. We all agreed that there must be a way to make this process easier and came up with the idea to develop a „Tinder for jobs“. The following days we all researched about existing job application possibilities and found that our idea might fill a good niche.”

Yakuzuzu: What are the first steps you would recommend others if they have a pretty good idea for a startup?

Simon: Spread the word. Don ́t work in your own basement for a year until it is perfect, because then it will surely fail. You first need to ask professionals and companies to find out if you could have a chance on the market. If your prototype looks pretty great already, you’re a step too far. Go out with the first, simple, ugly version and develop it with the help of the target group. Small development cycles are way better because you can adapt the product to the needs of the customers.

Yakuzuzu: What are the challenges in your business?

Simon: In the beginning you are just an operative part of the company. As we have already grown to a team of 17 people I had to change to the management side which brings along totally different tasks. You always have to be there for your team and train them until they are ready to work independently.

Yakuzuzu: What is your opinion about the future job application process? How will it look like?

Simon: I think the typical application process with sending a CV and motivation letter will disappear completely. I think the companies will search more actively: there will be a pool of applicants somewhere with an automated matching system. The companies will be able to find the applicant who is the best fit for the position.

Yakuzuzu: What were your dreams when you were younger?

Simon: I can ́t remember any specific dreams from when I was younger. Neither have I any particular dreams for the future right now. I always knew that I want to do something where I can develop something by myself in my own schedule. That ́s why I loved to study at university. Being self- employed is actually the best thing that could have happened to me. I learn something new every day: this constant change is what I love the most.

Yakuzuzu: What does happiness mean to you?

Simon: A very philosophic question… Well, I try to differentiate between happiness and satisfaction in general. I never want to be both satisfied and happy, because I know that would be the point where I wouldn’t want to change anything any longer. Feeling a little dissatisfied but happy, that’s my thing. Because then I will always focus on change and I will never get that feeling of being frozen.

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