Issue 1

Creating Yakuzuzu Would your 6-year-old-self be happy about you now?

If you could be sure to have enough food every day, a bed to sleep on and a roof above your head, how would you spend your days? Would you travel? Would you work? Would you start creating something new?

We live in a world where most of us have no trouble finding clean water, food, or pretty much any information we want – but we fall short on the most important one. We fall short on finding a purpose in life.

Yakuzuzu wants to help you think. We want to find and introduce the people who managed to find happiness. The ones who create exciting things and live the life they ever wanted.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Yakuzuzu is a lifestyle magazine, a community, a special window to the world. One to learn from, but one with no judgements. No cheap thai trips here unless they trully open someone’s eyes.

Yakuzuzu is beautiful, smart, fun – and always looks behind the curtains. We think that following your drive is more important than doing the right things.

Let’s be wrong many times. Let’s think together.