Issue 1

The Clueless Manifesto

It’s ok not to know all things.
It’s ok not to know what you want, what you want to be, what your true calling is. You can’t start by finding out your only passion and becoming good at it. You’ll find passion in whatever you’re doing.
Start doing.
Don’t wait for anyone. Nobody knows everything, and only very few people are sure about something. Many of them are wrong. Embrace not-knowing.
You can’t learn something you think you already know.
Travel the world, explore places, stay curious and float with the rivers. Learn something new every day. Learn about yourself.
Dream. Dream big. Dream bigger.
And then take the first step. It will be hard. Don’t give up.
Ask questions. Exchange ideas. Don’t be afraid to question everything. Question yourself. Question the status quo.
Always question the core assumption.
Trends come and go, don’t follow the masses. Stay unique and authentic. Take perspective. Be yourself. Read. Read books that no one else is reading.
Make friends. Surround yourself with good people. Stay humble and learn to listen. Listen more than you talk. When you talk, talk with meaning.
Cut the small talk.
Talk about good days and bad ones, talk about the meaning of life. About what keeps you up at night, your fears and dreams.
Stay curious, stay positive and optimistic. It’s all in the mind.
Don’t be afraid of changing the world.
Don’t wait for anything or anyone.
Begin anywhere.
Start now.